The autumn berry is a delicious and incredibly versatile fruit.

Autumn berries are so plentiful and unappreciated that they are often perceived to have no value, or more often, because of their ubiquitous nature, they are seen as troublesome. Yet, to us, this is why they are also incredibly useful and a unique opportunity for creative entrepreneurs. 

New food products

Autumn berries have a unique, sweet, and tart flavor, similar to a cranberry or pomegranate. They contain small edible seeds that have the taste of an almond. The berries can be eaten fresh, frozen, dried, or made into a jam.  

To make a puree you simply remove the seed by cooking down the fruit and pressing it in a food mill, or by using a low RPM masticating juicer. The puree can then flavor ice cream, cider, or beer. 

The juice can be fermented into wine, and the seed’s oil can be used for salads, skin care, cooking, or candles.

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A new crop to harvest

The autumn olive can be useful in other ways besides eating its fruit. To get the most out of the autumn olive, we need to achieve maximum utilization of the tree, learning to utilize the fruit, seed, flower, wood, shade, nitrogen-rich soil, and windbreak that it provides. As creative entrepreneurs, we want to make full use of this resource in order to bring maximum benefits to the people who harvest it, eat it, and live with it in their backyard.  

The autumn olive has no native pests on this continent. We believe it will be the role of humans to become that “pest” that will keep the population in check, but less with a bottle of herbicide, and more with a harvest bucket.  With ingenuity and pioneering spirit, we can become the force that controls this invasive species and puts it to good use. 

The autumn olive is a truly natural resource

The autumn olive tree is a valuable resource that is fundamentally different from the often genetically modified mono-culture of crops that dominate modern agriculture.  The autumn olive is a wild tree that grows freely without intervention or agricultural chemicals, and therefore it avoids many of the problems associated with modern food crops.

For now, we at Autumn Berry Inspired feel lucky to be early adopters of the autumn berry. We see ourselves as simple, berry-picking visionaries taking the first steps towards changing modern agricultural practices.